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Mamata Birbanshi

Date of birth: October 30, 2004
Child number: IK-DGHC0047
Project: Deepika Home of Hope

Hello, My name is Mamata and I am 14 years old. My mother married at a young age and had three children. My father never worked and used to beat my mother. She left my father and went to live with her father. She worked as a maid servant and whatever money she earned she would give to her father and to us three children. My father remarried and starved us, and made us do all the labour. They would send us to the neighbors house to sleep. My mother became a prostitute to earn enough money to help support us. She brought us to Sonagachi to live with her in the brothel, but she was concerned with our safety. Whenever she entertained a customer, we would sit on the stairs in the brothel and wait till the customer left. My mother shared her story with the Deepika field workers and they took my sister Sathi and I to live at the Deepika Home of Hope. I love to study and am very happy here. Thank youfor considering sponsorship.


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