We Need Help


Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the work of Mission of Mercy Canada in India. We can only be successful in fulfilling our mission of helping children and the poor in India when people like you are involved and informed about the needs! You can join us in making a difference.

Here are the ways that you can assist Mission of Mercy Canada:

Thank you for your interest in donating towards Mission of Mercy Canada. To make a donation, please fill in the appropriate information below, specifying the amounts you wish to donate to each fund. You will also need to provide your credit card information for online payment. (If you wish to donate by cash or check, you may mail us your donation). When you’re finished, click Send Donation to complete your donation.

Mercy Fund
The Mercy Fund provides unrestricted Mercy. Whether it is a child awaiting a sponsor, emergency medical attention or disaster relief, your gift makes it possible for us to respond where the need is greatest and most needed.

Mother & Infant Feeding Program
Every day, Mission of Mercy Canada helps to feed mothers and infants during the first critical year of the infant’s life. Please help us to provide essential nutrition for both the mother and infant. Only $100.00 will change a mother and child’s life forever.

Clean Water for Life
The BioSand filter is an affordable option for ensuring that they have a secure means of accessing clean water.

Rescue a Child
Mercy Centres and Chapels
Our Mercy Centres (schools) provide opportunity for children to receive an education and also find hope in Christ. All of our sponsored children attend school at one of our Mercy Centres. > Donate Now

Calcutta Mercy Center
The Calcutta Mercy Center is in the heart of Calcutta’s poorest areas.  Mission of Mercy Canada sponsors 403 children most of whom have been rescued from the garbage dumps.  Through the Calcutta Mercy Center we offer these children an education, a nutritious meal, uniforms, shoes, books and a hope for an otherwise hopeless future.  > Donate Now

Children’s Homes
Many children are abandoned and need a secure environment where they can develop mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Mission of Mercy Canada is involved in several homes for needy girls and boys including:

  • Divine Fellowship Blind School in Calcutta
  • The Deepika Home for Girls in Calcutta
  • Nepal children’s Home

Living Memorial
At a time of loss, family and friends can be encouraged at a funeral or memorial service to give a gift in support of Mission of Mercy Canada to honour the memory of a loved one. Contact our office for more information.

Planned Giving
Gifts of cash, bequests, trusts, life insurance and other planned giving vehicles have and will continue to provide much needed support for hurting people in India through the work of Mission of Mercy Canada. Contact our office for more information.

Send Donations By Mail
Your donation in the form of a cheque, money order, or credit card made payable to Mission of Mercy Canada is appreciated! Please mail to:
Mission of Mercy Canada
4104 — 97 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6E 5Y6