Capital Projects

Capital Projects

What is a Mercy Centre ? 

  • A place of benevolence, compassion, kindness, sympathy and grace.
  • A house of worship where downtrodden spirits are renewed and revitalized.
  • A sanctuary, a consecrated place of shelter.
  • A refuge, a place of comfort and protection for the abused and neglected.
  • A training center where basic education and training skills are taught.
  • A center where talents are discovered and encouraged to unfold and prosper.
  • A healing center where spiritual and physical needs are identified and rectified.
  • A feeding center where hunger is satisfied.
  • A holistic center, meeting needs and providing hope to the hopeless.
  • A gathering place for community events
  • A vocational unit for sustainability

God’s blessings have allowed Mission of Mercy Canada to open many Mercy Centres that touch “the least of these.”

Our strategy is simple and it works:

  • First, we PURCHASE land.
  • Second we BUILD a Mercy Centre with 3 classrooms and a kitchen, washrooms and a well for water.  The Centre is used for community service.
  • Third, we ENROLL children, most of whom have little opportunity for an education. We give them a uniform, books and nutritious food.
  • Finally, people like you solely SPONSOR one or more of these children for $36.00 per child a month. Mission of Mercy also provides the option of multiple sponsorships whereby a group (friends, community, school) can share in the monthly sponsorship of a child or children through rescue a child fund.

Calcutta Mercy Center

The Calcutta Mercy Center is in the heart of one of Calcutta’s poorest areas. Mission of Mercy Canada sponsors 470 children most of whom have been rescued from working in the garbage dumps. Through the Calcutta Mercy Center we offer these children an education, a nutritious meal, uniforms, shoes, books and a hope for an otherwise hopeless future.

Current Funding Focus