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Become a Mission of Mercy Canada Prayer Partner


One of the powerful ways you can support Mission of Mercy Canada is by partnering with us through prayer. Please join us in interceding on behalf of those who have no voice.


Please pray for the over one million children who are trafficked into prostitution and are crying out for freedom from bondage and slavery in India.

We know that God secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy.

prayer2-2 We want to express our gratitude to God for the young girls and women who have been rescued from sexual slavery in Sonogochi, the largest red-light area in Calcutta and are who cared for by the Deepika Girls Home in Calcutta.

Please continue to pray that they may receive complete healing from the trauma of their abuse and to know their true identity and worth as a child of the living God, infinitely loved by Him.


prayer3 Clean water is essential for life.

Please pray for the staff at our BioSand Filter Project that they would effectively bring clean water through the BioSand Filter to beneficiaries living in rural villages in Jharkhand and West Bengal.



prayer6 Children are so precious in God’s sight. Mission of Mercy Canada sponsors close to 1,000 impoverished children in West Bengal and Jharkhand to receive an education, health and wellness, and nutritious food.

Please pray for our sponsored children that they may know the wonders of God’s love and mercy and experience hope for the future.


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