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Arpita Das

Date of birth: August 20, 2009
Child number: IK-DGHC0046
Project: Deepika Home of Hope

Hello, my name is Arpita Das. My mother is a prostitute in Sonagachi, one of the largest red light districts in India. We stayed in a small room in Sonagachi. When one of the Deepika field workers visited the brothel where my mother, Pampa, worked, my mother shared how helpless she was to protect me. Becasue of my mother's fear for me I was taken to live at the Deepika Home of Hope, where I live saffely, receive holistic care, counselling, and education and love. For $36/month you can help cover the cost of my education. For $130/month you can help cover the cost of my stay at the Home of Hope as well as my education. The cost of my stay includes clothing adn food.

                      Thank you for helping me!

Sponsor Arpita Das today for just $36 a month.

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