Water For Life

Mission of Mercy provides health and wellness, clean water, feeding programs, and medical needs.


Clean Water for Life

Our children and their families in North and East India are faced with a no win situation … die now by drinking e-coli infected surface water, or die later with arsenic and fluoride polluted ground water.  

The BioSand filter is an affordable option for ensuring these families have a secure means of accessing clean water. This small structure of concrete, sand and gravel has no moveable or breakable parts, requires no electricity and very little maintenance.

Field studies verify that the biosand filter has an efficiency rate of 98% removal of pathogens. Mission of Mercy has two workshops that fabricate these filters in India.

Mission of Mercy installs these filters in our schools and distributes them throughout the many villages our mission serves in India. It is a practical expression of the love of God and the concern of our mission partners for the people of India.

The cost to produce a filter is $125.

Medical Needs

Children in our Mercy Centers are dependent on Mission of Mercy for medical needs such as immunizations, surgery, medical check up’s, and emergency medical care.